Whether you are over 40 or under (I just made it over the hill – woot!), I think you will find my raw and real topics interesting, thought-provoking and funny. I also hope you find them to be useful. Please reach out to me to say hi; I am a very social person sitting on my couch in my family room writing on my MacBook Air…

I am an executive and a business leader. My specialty is digital and ecommerce. I have a drive that won’t quit. I am constantly learning and reading and growing as a person; probably because of the incredible amount of flaws I started noticing in my late 30’s. Let’s call it Perfectly Imperfect. I received my MBA in 2014 and I studied Sociology and Business as an undergrad. Fascinated by human behavior and the mind-body connection. I have a quick wit, I was told by my ex-husband 10 years ago (when we separated) to slow down and I thank him for that advice, and I am blunt. I am blunt to a fault and it gets me in trouble. Perfectly imperfect.

My compassion and love for people doesn’t go unnoticed. I listen, I care and I help. As a full-time mom to two boys who are 13 and 11, my dating life is a comedy routine.  My boys are the light of my life (and the sharp pain in my head at times) and I am blessed to have them every single night of the week.

I live in a small town in Wisconsin. I work in the Chicago area. I love to travel, cook, do yoga, play piano, run, take pictures, read, and drink wine. These are the things I do to calm a busy mind.

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