Welcome to JCMadison.  I have created this blog to engage and socialize with women (and men) that are thinking about their lifestyle, health, well-being and most importantly natural beauty.  In my late 30’s I started noticing fine lines and wrinkles on my face and I couldn’t believe it.  How had I not noticed them before?  They didn’t just show up instantaneously!  I then started taken an interest in my skincare and began working hard on figuring out what is best for my skin, what is going to create natural beauty and what will make me look more youthful and vibrant.  There are so many products out there and there are so many possible regimens, it is overwhelming but also fun to explore.   I also know that it isn’t all about the treatments we use but about lifestyle; exercise, hydration, sleep, healthy eating and less stress.

I am a corporate VP in the Chicago area.  I have 2 boys who are my life and are very involved in sports (3 sports each).  I have been researching for a couple years and recently partnered with Rodan + Fields skincare line.  I began using the products in 2016 and have had a ton of success.

You can get more information here on the skincare line and feel free to reach out to me at anytime in the contact us section of the website.  #39forever